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Minister - Rev. Mel Emurian

Living Hope - A Community of Freethinkers


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What are our meetings like? We have a time of sharing, quiet reflection, music, and discussion. Some of the topics we have discussed include the book The Shack by William Young, Kathryn Schulz's book Being Wrong, Bart Erhman's God's Problem, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnostic Christianity, and the lecture series The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James. Upcoming topics will include the history of Christianity, and the bible as diversity (hint - the bible is NOT a unified whole).


We meet on Sunday at 10:30 AM on the second floor of the First Congregational Church, 31-33 E. Fulton St., in Gloversville, NY. Use the side door off the parking lot, go left and then up the stairs.


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